Information Security Domains


Module 2 – Case

Information Security Domains: (D1) Access Control and (D2) Administration
Case Assignment
There are two parts to this Case Assignment.
Part 1: Answer the self-test multiple choice questions at the end of Chapters 1 and 2. Compare your answers to the answer key at the end of the

chapters. Using the Answers and Explanation section at the end of the book, review any questions that you missed or were uncertain of the

answer. Write one paragraph summarizing your results. Describe what questions you missed in addition to any that you found interesting,

challenging, or surprising.
Part 2: At the end of Chapter 2 you will see a section titled “Exam Objectives Fast Track.” Select three of the objective areas that you find

the most interesting. Using an Internet search engine and Trident Online Library, find one highly relevant journal or industry-related article

for each of the objective areas you selected. For each of the three articles, provide a 250- to 300-word (one page) summary and critique. Base

your analysis on comparisons and contrasts to the course material, what you have learned from the book, and personal experience. Clearly

organize your paper to indicate each objective area you selected, the name and source location of the article, and respective critique.
Assignment Expectations
Use information from the modular background materials and case assignment narrative as well as any quality resources you can find via the online

libraries or Internet.
LENGTH: 2-3 pages typed and double spaced using 12pt Times New Roman font and 1 inch page margins.
The following items will be assessed in particular:
•Ability to describe primary access control objectives, in addition to authentication types and password administration considerations.
•Ability to identify and describe common methods of attack.
•Discussion surrounding monitoring and penetration testing.
•Integration of concepts associated with access control, methodologies and models.
•Ability to explain the rationale behind the correct answers to any multiple choice questions you may have answered incorrectly.

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