Informative Essay


Topic: For this assignment, you will be writing an informative essay on a major figure from world history. Your essay should give an overview of the person’s life and make an argument about why this person is important to world history. Your essay should provide at least three reasons to support your argument about the person’s importance. Your paper should incorporate at least three outside sources documented in correct MLA-style format including a works cited and in-text citations.

Research: Try to stay away from Internet sources and focus more on books and scholarly journals. You may only use one website source. Note: Articles found through NCLive do not count as Internet sources.

Length Requirement: Your essay should be a minimum of three pages and contain at least five paragraphs, including an introduction, at least three fully developed body paragraphs, and a conclusion. In addition to the three-page body, your essay must incorporate at least three outside sources and include a works cited page formatted in correct MLA format—the works cited page does not count towards the three pages.