Integrated Case Assessment


Please analysis through strategy, finance, HR, marketing and operation.
On the feedback sheet, it required CREATIVE and LARGE amounts of diagram and graphs!!!
And no need to do for the front sheet
Moreover, request for the same writer for the order of power point slides
Simulation handbook is the background information.
Please read feedback sheet for requirement.
R3-R7 are the data. R3 is for given round 3 data. R4-R7 are the decisions and result I have made.
Welcome to the 2014 integrated case assignment. This year we will be using a computer based simulation run over four years to generate your case. The simulation will be run in your activity groups, however all the pieces of assessed work are individual.
You will need to succinctly assess the performance of your company both relative to the other company’s in your simulation AND in terms of executing your original five year strategy and meeting your original objectives. (Make sure you don’t become very descriptive during your assessment. You need to be analytical)
You will need to propose any new revisions to your original strategy or perhaps develop a totally new strategy depending upon your company’s standing at the end of the fourth year of simulations (Make sure you give enough space for developing the future recommendations, It is suggested that 2 out of the 5 sides should be used for this)
You will need to “sell” your conclusions and recommendations to your shareholders at the AGM. Hence you will need a short set of presentation slides
The format of the report should comply with the following
1/ Executive Summary
A front sheet plus one page of A4 executive summary that should include key conclusions and recommendations.
2/ Report
Total length should be no more than five sides of A4 – no appendices are needed or wanted)
The expectation is that your Report will have a HIGH VISUAL IMPACT and professional presentation!
3/ Powerpoint presentation slides for your AGM with shareholders
A title slide plus a maximum of 5 other slides.
These are meant to be for a presentation not to replace a word document. The slides should complement the report
It is suggested you print the slides in the form of a “2 slides” per page handout

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