International Affairs/Relations

International Affairs/Relations

What is Diplomacy? Discuss the importance of diplomacy for the formulation and implementation of foreign policy. Illustrate with examples.
Some key criteria for grading assessed essays:

• Structure and Quality of Argument
• Is the essay plan stated in the introduction?
• Is the overall structure of the argument clear and coherent?
• Are the points made in a logical sequence?
• Is the argument sufficiently analytical?
• Is there a conclusion?
• Does the conclusion address the essay question directly?
• Is the conclusion adequately supported by the preceding argument?

• Use of Evidence
• Are the points made supported by evidence from cited sources?
• Are the sources drawn on sufficient and appropriate?
• If empirical evidence is used, is it described clearly and in appropriate
• detail?
• Does the evidence presented support the conclusions reached?
• Is the interpretation of the evidence presented appropriately qualified (i.e.
• avoiding overgeneralisations and sweeping statements)?

• Contents
• Is the writer’s argument adequately backed up rather than just asserted?
• Are the sources used subjected to analysis and critical reflection?
• Has the student researched the topic sufficiently?
• Are there any important omissions?
• Has the student thought about what they have read or simply reproduced
• material from sources?
• Is there evidence of critical thinking or an original synthesis?
• Has the student gone beyond the essential reading?

• Writing and Presentation Skills
• Is the essay referenced correctly?
• Are quotations identified and fully referenced?
• Are the ideas presented fully credited?
• Is there any evidence of plagiarism?
• Is the essay fluent and readable?
• Is the grammar and spelling adequate?
• Has the writer made an effort to use their own words?

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