International Finance Research Paper

38. International Finance Research Paper

This order consist 2 works:
1.summary less than 1 page writing about what financial issue my research paper is going to investigate and in what aspects. Due on March 24.
2.Research paper is Due on March 31 (6-7 pages in text)
If use charts or graph or any data more than 6-7 pages,
Topic is decide by you to choose what issue to writ about.
More detail is in attached file-"Instructions"
Materials covered in class is in the attached file – "Material Covered in Class" Chapter 13 to Chapter 19, Chapter 16 to 18 is more important.
The issue selected must closely related to the material covered in class!
Number of sources can be slightly varied as needed.
I am an international student, so please keep the grammar and sentence structure relatively simple,

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