International Human Resource Management.

81. International Human Resource Management.

The essay is a segue between what you have learned about culture in the past two chapters
and what we will learn about practical applications in the next chapter on international
human resource management. It is a quick introduction to what is known as cultural gap analysis.
If companies are going to send expatriates to work in their overseas subsidiaries, they are going
to have to prepare them to deal with differences in cultures. An initial step in that process is
to find out just what the relevant differences are. Following a gap analysis, companies will then
provide the training necessary to narrow or reduce that gap for their expatriate employees.
Choose two different, national-level cultures affecting how business is done in two different nations.
I recommend you choose one which you know well such as the one you used for your personal profile, and
another you are interested in knowing better. The countries you choose can be part of the first long paragraph below.
Now think of a particular business scenario, one which would involve sending someone from one culture to the other to
engage in that business. Describe this business scenario in a paragraph. State the industry involved, the nature of the
job or activity the person will be doing (market research, production quality control, training, expand production, whatever).
Indicate how long your person will spend in the other country. Finish this paragraph with a specific goal for that person,
something your company wants them to achieve while they are there (increase in market share, win new contracts, arrange new
suppliers, expand production, establish the groundwork for an international joint venture, improve relationships with government
regulatory agencies, etc.).
Next, from what you have been learning in chapters three and four on culture, choose what you think would be the most important
cultural values, beliefs, or other dimensions that would affect what your person does the job for you. Contrast these values or
dimensions in the home (sending) nation with those of the host nation to which your expatriate is sent. Don’t just do a laundry
list of bullet-point differences for each dimension. Instead pick the most salient, the ones you think would have the most impact
on how your expatriate does her job. Use the ones you think would have the biggest difference in your two countries. Describe those
differences and state how you think they would impact how your expatriate does the job assigned.
There were some errors so pay attention to the following concerns we noted in grading them.
Write your essay by yourself. Do not use any direct quotations. Do not use bullet points; write in full sentences using your own words to express
what you mean to communicate to the reader. You may para
Your essay must be at least 750 but not more than and 1,000 words in length. For this essay,
include one reference at the end. You might actually use other sources in preparing y our answer, but just list one now, choose the one that was most
important for you. Put that reference at the end of the essay. Use APA format. The reference will count in the 750 to 1,000 word count.

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