International Human resource Management


Please see the attachment file. You will have the CaseStudy and in the last page of the CaseStudy you will find three questions in the left corner. Theses three questions need to be answered. Approx. half page for each question. To not be confused i will write down the three questions:

In the role of Eric:

Q1/ Summarize your thoughts on the problem at hand, alternative solutions and your strategy on how to proceed at the forthcoming meeting?

Q2/ How will your proposal solve the problems you have defined

Q3/ How can you defend your solutions from budgetary concerns? In what way is your approach both a solution to the problem of expatriates at Tex-Mark and a good economic investment?

NOTES: ** Please read the Case Study very well and answer the above three questions (you can find the above questions in the last page of the Case)

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