International Monetary Economics

68. International Monetary Economics

“International Monetary Economics” and I have an essay exam that requires answering 4 questions out of the giving 5 ( please show which questions you are answering first). I will attach the exam paper which includes the 5 questions, and i will also attach the class syllabus which will have some information about the class and the topics that we’ve studied so far in class which are 1) Introduction; the history of money under global commodity standers (e.g. gold, silver) early 20th century exchange-rate problems(ch 19). 2) Review of closed-economy macrotheory: the basic Keynesian model and the “IS-LM” analytical framework. 3) Review of macroeconomics II: medium-and long-run macroeconomics: price flexibility and expectations ( the “AS-AD” model). 4) balance of payment (BoP) and the foreign exchange market I: capital mobility and the short-run (“IS-LM-FE”) analysis and floating vs. “fixed”exchange rate regimes; policy effect in the “small country” case (ch 13, 14). 5) the Bop and forex market II: policy effects in the “large” country case; the long-run (“monetary”) approach: purchasing-power-parity (PPP) (ch 15). 6) “AA-DD” model: a new look at policy effects in the short-run (“temporary”) vs. long-run(“permanent”)context (ch 16, 17) . The IMF: nature, purpose and function; system collapse (ch 18). the european union and the euro: the history of fifty-heat movement toward close integration; problems and issues, introduction to international finance: derivatives: forward, option, swaps their roles in modern global economy (ch 20, 21). finally development issues: capital flows and debt crises of the last quarter-century; the changing tole if the IMF and the word bank; the role of MNE’s; future prospects (ch 22) Please be clear with your answers and use easy/simple words and vocabulary, because english is my second language. and the sources should be taken from both online sources no more than 6 please and from the book with citations (if from the book with the page number) and preference page at the end. you can find the book at this link in pdf ( My instructor uses plagiarism check engines so please don’t copy and paste. let me know if you have questions Best regards

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