International Political Economy of East Asia

93. International Political Economy of East Asia

I. The Prompt
Q1. ?The Asian model of development still holds many relevant and positive lessons for today?s developing countries. The core of the model is an easily replicable one. Many other countries possess or can develop the domestic attributes and institutions that the East Asian nations utilized. Despite some changes in the international environment, nations can still find opportunities that they are able to take advantage of. Today?s developing nations can still use this model in their efforts to industrialize and develop.?
[For the debate, Team D will AGREE, Team B will DISAGREE] I am Team C!
Remember to cover BOTH sides of the debate, and stay focused on the parameters of the question. Get as deep into the analysis as you can. You should have your own position, of course, but you must demonstrate that you fully understand all sides of these one-sided statements.
Rubric for grading essays and outlines
I. Substance and presentation
— covers both sides, in a balanced manner; stays focused on the parameters of the debate
— covers all core points, with proper emphasis on the most important arguments
— presents materials in an organized manner (demonstrating understanding of the argument)
II. Strength of Analysis
— grapples with arguments on both sides, assesses validity of assumptions and evidence
— presents strong, thoughtful, deep, and insightful analysis (as opposed to mere description) — has a clear and analytically supported argument/conclusion
III. Effort
— shows evidence of having really thought about the question
— incorporates insights from the readings (i.e., not just based on lecture or group work)

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