Interview With An Entrepreneur


This assignment should lay the groundwork for a deeper understanding of the process and hopefully a personal exploration of how you can begin to leverage the flat world.
Interview with an Entrepreneur-Assignment Detail
Most of you will know at least one entrepreneur, but few will have explored specifically how the changing business environment has impacted them. This exercise establishes important benchmarks and comparisons that will be referred to throughout the course. This is a great opportunity for many of you to pull your work life into the classroom by interviewing the head of your business (if you so chose). Many of you have family members that are entrepreneurs. Alternatively, this interview is a great excuse to reach out and connect with a business or person that you have admired from afar.
The chosen entrepreneur for this assignment need not be a business owner or leader. Someone that demonstrates strong entrepreneurial skills would be a great choice as well. The criteria should be: can you learn from this person within the context of this class? Many students have had great success interviewing someone in their field or desired field.
Purpose of the Interview
The purpose of the interview is to find ways to draw parallels back to the lesson content. The interview should, at a minimum, encompass the questions below:
Who are they, what do they do, and why did you choose them?
What was their greatest business success? How about learning opportunity?
How has “doing business” changed over the last ten years? How do they view the next five?
Has globalization affected their business model?
How do they leverage technology?
What is the most creative resource (or creative use of a resource) they took advantage of in their business?
Have they taken advantage of a transformational opportunity as an entrepreneur? (One whereby they were able to reinvent their business)
What businesses do they admire and why?
Additional Questions for your Assignment
Would you consider your entrepreneur to be part of Generation Flux? How so?
In the Friedman video last week he talked about the 8 news jobs of the middle class. Can you see examples of how these 8 new jobs play out in your entrepreneurs business?
How can relate the information that you gained from this interview back to the lesson content thus far? Be specific.
What did you personally gain from this interview? The reflection paragraph should answer the question, what did you learn about the class content as a result of the interview or what did you learn through the interview, as a result of the class content?
Submission Guidelines
You may submit the interview as either a Word document, an audio or a video file. Written work must follow MLA formatting and be three – four pages in length. You can choose to submit as a narrative or as a question and answer format. If you choose the latter, please make sure you go back and provide your own analyst and connections to the class content to the “transcripts.” Regardless of the formatting, an introductory paragraph, a conclusion, and solid argument are expected.

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