Intro to Humanities


Assignment 1
Description: Response to Lemonade
Your goal for this assignment is to pick a particular part of Beyoncé’s lemonade video—you could pick one song, you could pick one topic—clothes, food, etc. and explain your interpretation. In class, we will discuss many different aspects of the video album, so pick a topic that is most interesting to you. Then, write an essay discussing or demonstrating your analysis of Beyoncé.
We have read a few articles, where authors picked a specific topic to discuss in relation to Beyoncé. Consider their specificity in analyzing each topic. You would not want to simply state that you are discussing heritage in Lemonade. You could, however, state that you wanted to analyze the Creole elements in one particular song.
Process: Narrow down a topic. Pick 2 to 3 scenes to analyze. Write 2-3 page essay.

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