Investigating Leadership Development Practices in the Private Sector in Oman

– Able to carry out a brief but focused and relevant search and critical review/ evaluation of the literature. The literature is largely evaluated against existing theoretical positions and arguments derived from the literature itself. – Relationships and connections between concepts and themes of existing research are identified. The relevance and value of these to the project are demonstrated. – Provides a reasoned and persuasive case for design of the project. Achieves this in part by reference to and critique of alternative approaches and designs. – Develops coherent and subtle arguments that knit together the entire document. There is good integration of material. The logic and arguments in the document are consistent 2. I would like the writer to answer the following questions: – What is the recent development in leadership theories ? What was Richard Bolden, Exeter University saying about it..please check the reports that he published in this matter? Explain the meaning of leadership, etc. – What is the relationship between organizational strategy and leadership development? – To what extend that leadership development strategy can help in developing effective leaders? Please add/create above answers in the Literature review section. Please use top academic articles in this regards. Each question should be 1000 words. 3. Please use articles not older than 2011 except Richard boldern one which you can use the latest reports of the leadership development. 4.The ppt file( Leadership Development Conceptual framework) should be explained in 500 words at the beginning. The file will be attached later. 5. This proposal should be a continuing work of document one file ( will be attached later . A sample file for this proposal will be attached too. 6. The, total number of words will be 5000 without outline and appendixes

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