Investigation into Determination of warehouse and distribution

ASSESSMENT ONEASSESSMENT ONEInvestigation into Determination of warehouse and distribution requirements. Learning Outcome 1. 1. Determine warehouse and distribution requirements. • 30 percent of final grade. • Guidance on size: 10 pages. 12 pt, 1 ½ line spacing • Team assignment. • This assignment is compulsory to pass the course
This assignment is a group/team assignment.
Each week starting in week 3 and ending in week 8 you and your team members are to reply, in discussion forums, to each others posts. In the final week a report which amalgamates all the discussions will be submitted via .
Each team member will submit the team report with their comments for each section.
Required: Select a New Zealand company as a case study. Produce a report to provide advice to New Zealand companies on the considerations for warehouse design and management.
Week 3 forum 1 Discuss the purpose/use of warehouses, including different types of warehouses. 14 marks Week 4 forum 2 Explain what the important factors in warehouse design are, what must be considered?. Make sure you provide reasoning.  . 14 marks Week 5 forum 3 Explain how the company needs to integrate warehousing and logistics. Including distribution requirements. 14 marks
Week 6 forum 4 Discuss the management issues with running a warehouse. 14 marks Week 7 forum 5 Discuss the factors that impact on cost efficiency of the warehouse. 14 marks
Week 8 team report with individual commentary.  Team report 20 marks Individual commentary 10 marks
10 marks
Note:  Report format has the following sections: • an executive summary • Index or contents page • Introduction • Body of findings • Discussion of findings and • Conclusion. • Participation, contribution to team report.
This assessment item needs to be submitted through Turnitin before due date.

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Please use web based team activities (such as google docs) and include the lecturer in the team. This will allow a determination of who is responding to team requirements.  Marks may be adjusted according to involvement of members.
Individual team members may be asked from time to time to discuss their work on the assignment to prove it is their own work.
You should not approach the company directly but use public resources.
ASSESSMENT TWO Report on supply chain, material shipments, physical delivery, storage, business systems  2. Design an optimal supply chain for given product and market situation to meet organisational strategies. 3. Propose an implementation plan for the supply chain design, including alliances and agreements with partners. 4. Analyse the financial impact of supply chain options. 5. Propose Inventory/Stock control policies and processes to optimise performance.
• 50 percent of final grade. • Guidance on size: 15 pages, 12 pt, 1 ½ line spacing. • Submit to turnitin before class deadline • This assignment is compulsory to pass the course
Required Utilising web resources and journals and other resources: For the company used in assignment 1, Investigate supply chain issues to develop a proposal for a supply chain for this organisation. In particular you need to consider, alliances, transport, storage, financing, i.e. a) Use a framework to determine a suitable supply chain for this organisation. You may wish to focus on one product or many. b) Discuss which aspect of the chain should or could be optimised and discuss how this is affected by the various environmental impacts on the supply chain. c) Having determined a suitable supply chain give an outline proposal plan to implement the new supply chain. d) Consider the financial implications of this supply chain, investments in plant and equipment, sources of finance and measures of financial performance. e) For your chosen company suggest the control policies for items of stock.
For all of these areas to be discussed marks will be enhanced when full examples, with detail, are used  The report needs to be submitted through Turnitin before due date.

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Please note you should email a copy of the assignment for comment at least a week before the deadline to allow for feedback to ensure you are on the right track with the assignment.
Assessment 3• 20 percent of final grade • Group Presentation based on your findings of Assessment 1 • Presentations time 18-20 minutes