Journal Article Analysis – Government-Business-Relations

Please divide the paragraph abоut the each 5 answer. and 2 references per answer is the bare minimum( Academic references). 1) What is the article abоut? What does it tell us about the particular issue? 2) What concepts from this unit does the article demonstrate? 3) What keу theories does the article draw upon? 4) What are some of the underlying assumptions, values, and ideologies found in the article? 5) What is the article’s argument? Is the argument effective? The topic is “Shaping comparative advantage: the evolution of trade and industry policy in Australia”-p.618-635 Please find the this journal and please double check the page “p.618-635” And Please divide the per 5 answer include the references. Each answer require different references. This means, 1 answer need to at least 2 academic references. Don’t put all together references. Please write the references below the per answer. Students are to conduct an analysis of the journal article using their own research and drawing upon the concepts taught in the unit. At least one (2) academic references (so ten [10] in total) are to be used in answering each question. The same reference should not be used for for more than one (1) answer. The short answer questions are to be written in scholarly prose (as taught in class – see also the Anderson & Poole chapter in Week 1) and bullet points are not to be used. In-text referencing and a short reference list is to be included as part of each answer. Note that two (2) references per answer is the bare minimum, but this may not be sufficient to achieve higher than a pass grade for this criterion. Students are to use the Harvard referencing style. Page numbers are required for in-text references.

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