journal article week 6


After completing this week’s Practicum Experience, reflect on 1.a patient who presented with abdominal pain.2 Describe the patient’s personal and3. medical history,4. drug therapy and treatments, 5.and follow-up care.
67 female hispantic patient with no health insurance C/O upper midsterum pain . V/S 159/79 temp 98.4 Rep 20 and sat 98 pain rate 6 out of 10. abdomen is very distended and bloated bowel sound hypoactive . she reported having a small bowl movement . she lives on a very small limited income . Dr did an abdominal X- ray and she was filled wih stool. Dr Golytely it is used prior to colposcopy . He wants her to follow up in a week and repeat X-ray of abdomen.


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