Knowledge Management


Assignment Question Title: What role can HRM play in supporting creativity and innovation in knowledge-intensive organizations?
Words 2900 Assignment question – What role can HRM play in supporting creativy and innovation in knowledge intensive orgtanizations?Explain briefly the terms used within the question i.e. Human Reousces (what’s it’s function, primary responsibilities).  What are knowledge intensive organizaitons?  Examples.  Lead into knowledge wrok and knowledge worker.GuideUse examples from industry to illustrate how Knowledge Management can be utilized.  Do no over explain the concepts but instead outline the concept and then support the concept with examples.- Demonstate the understanding of the nature of ‘knowledge work’ and ‘knowledge worker’ as sistinct categories of work and worker.  Briefly explain the concepts and provide a benchmark example where this concept is fully understood.- Imderstamd the ways in which knowledge work and knowledge worker may be helped or hindered by certain features of an organization, such as culture, reward system etc.- Imderstnd the role of HR in establishing policies to support knowledge work and motivate knowledge workers.  How do these polocies differ from other kinds of works.  Examples whire possible.- Appl the above through expamples wherever possible.
Further- Is there another way do support knowledge management other than Human Resources.  Are there companies who utilize other departments or have new departments been created.
Harvard Referencing.

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