In your role as a consultant for Madewell, it is up to you now to put all of the pieces together and submit your final report. Speaking from the tone of a consultant, you must now address the type of leadership necessary for Madewell to become the next must-have brand. What type of leadership style(s) must Drexler practice in order for Madewell employees to buy into his theories, thus making them want to go above and beyond to make the brand a success? What type of leadership training will Drexler’s team undergo in order to ensure that the Madewell staff is working toward the same goals? How will his teams react during the first year, and how will they achieve the goals set forth by the brand? As a consultant for Madewell, you will present all of your findings into one final report and include an executive summary with your high-level findings and recommendations.
Your opinion about the leadership style(s) needed for Madewell to be successful.
A detailed timeline of leadership training that Drexler’s team at Madewell will undergo. Provide a minimum of three training exercises for employees, along with anticipated outcomes.
A rationale for introducing staff to the new leadership styles of management.
Three realistic goals that Madewell can achieve during the first year of leadership under Mickey Drexler. For each of these three goals, provide a detailed strategy of how the brand will work to achieve the desired outcomes.


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