– What are some of your insights you have learned regarding the role ?Leadership? plays in a Christian community building process and is working toward a Christian community? What aspects of leadership must be evident to build community in a school? Connect your writing to some specific quotes and what you have learned from the textbook by Thomas Sergiovanni (Sergiovanni, Thomas J. Building Community in Schools. New York: Jossey-Bass Inc., 1994/1999) Please use 2-3 quotes from the textbook Chapters 1- 11 in the textbook ?Building Community in Schools? By Thomas J. Sergiovanni (Building Community in Schools) Pages 1 – 213 Chapter 1- Changing our theory of Schooling Chapter 2- Relationships in Communities Chapter 3- Emerging School Communities Chapter 4- Understanding Our Need for Community Chapter 5- Becoming a Purposeful Community Chapter 6- Using Curriculum to Build Community Chapter 7- The classroom as Democratic Community Chapter 8- Becoming a Professional Community Chapter 9 -Becoming a Community of Learners Chapter 10 – Becoming a Community of Leaders Chapter 11 -The Challenge of Leadership

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