Leadership Style Assessment Assignment

76. Leadership Style Assessment Assignment

Using the results of the assessments, the readings and research, prepare a 2-3 page paper that addresses the items below. As this is an assessment of your leadership potential, you may write this paper in first person. Support your ideas and responses with at least three peer-reviewed references should not be older than 5 years. Your text can serve as one of the three, but the Kent and Humanmetrics websites cannot be used as one of three required references. You will need to cite the websites if you use them in your discussion.
1. Describe your leadership style/potential as assessed by the Kent tool. Leadership style (participative) Give examples of how you demonstrate this style either in formal or informal leadership roles. Compare and contrast your style to the transformational and transactional leadership styles. Include examples of how you have demonstrated transformational and/or transactional leadership either in a formal or informal leadership position.
2. Discuss the results of your Jung Typology. Mine is (Extravert Intuitive Feeling Judging) . Describe how these personality traits help shape your leadership style. Describe how your personality traits help or inhibit you personally when you are faced with change. Give specific examples of how you have reacted to a significant change. How does your leadership style and Jung typology influence you when you need to lead or help others through change? Give a specific example of how you have lead or influenced others during a change.
3. Select one of these leadership/management competencies: change management, use of power, coaching & performance management, creating a motivating environment, communications, delegation, or managing conflict. Describe how your leadership style and your Jung personality traits will help you acquire this competency. Which traits will you have to strengthen or over come in order to acquire this competency?<br />
Be sure to follow APA formatting guidelines for your paper. Headings are required to be used in the body of the paper for this assignment. See page 62 (sections 3.02 & 3.03) in the APA Manual for specific reference information The following major elements should be included.<br />
1. Title page (with required elements as outlined in the APA manual)
2. Introduction (follows placement of the title at the top of page 2; introduces your reader to the topic and purpose of your discussion)<br />
3. Body (contains items outlined above)
4. Summary (one or more paragraphs summarizing key points/ideas from the body)
5. Reference list (on a separate page)
Suggested Format and Headings (underlined below):
Title Page
I. Leadership Style Assessment (Level 1 heading)
A. My leadership style/potential (Level 2 heading)
B. My leadership style in relation to transformational and transactional leadership styles (Level 2 heading)
II. Jung Typology (Level 1 heading)
A. My Jung Typology. (Level 2 heading)
B. Dealing with Change (Level 2 heading)
III. Leadership Competency Development (Level 1 heading)
A. Desired leadership competency (Level 2 heading)
B. Jung Typology traits that help/hinder acquisition (Level 2 heading)
References (Minimum of three evidence-based references requi

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