Legal Aspect (Health & Safety at Workplace)

31. Legal Aspect (Health & Safety at Workplace)


Its an important assignment in my Occupational health course. Sums up my whole module mark 100%.
I didn’t attend the module due to health issue therefore i do not have enough information or refrences.
But In the module they covered Health & Safety law, legislation and regulation. Health and safety at work regulations.
Lectures were about:
-Health and Safety Risks and the English Legal System
-Health and Safety – Some Civil Aspects
-Employment Law: Contracts of Employment, Employment Tribunals, DDA, Equal Opportunities.
-Criminal Law – Duties
-Criminal Law – Enforcement, Powers & Inspection
-Environmental Risks from Work Activities
-Food Safety and Hygiene: Food Handlers and Fitness to Work
-6 pack Regulations & Practical application.
As described in the marking scheme attached, first describe the UK law (Criminal & Civil) show brief understanding to difference and role. Then describe the Health and Safety Law (criminal & Civil).
Then choose one element from H&S criminal law to demonstrate its effectiveness, and another elemnt and critisie it uneffectivness.
Do the same with the H&S Civil law.
The element can be very specific applying to a specific job and workplace, or it can be general.
Examples of elements crtisied for there effectiveness; considered by my colleagues:
-Compensation for common law negligence.
-The control of noise at work Regulation 2005.
-Duties and Responsibilities.
-Tort of negligence.

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