Legal Responsibility of the ECB in Managing the European Debt Crisis

Please follow these to be a correct project. Please read the Postgraduate Handbook pages 16-19 regard on the dissertation guide. There, there are all the relevant information about this. In the total word count that it is 14.000 words are including the footnotes and endnotes but are excluding the abstract, acknowledgment and bibliography(I think also the table of contents is excluding). First page of the project is the title page, second page is the acknowledgments, third page is the abstract and final page is the table of contents. After that there are a variety of ways you can continue with this. As you see on the photos that I have uploaded you can write also the table of legislation and the table of cases that you used. I write to you also the final message that I received from my supervisor on the feedback on my draft outline and please read and follow carefully the instructions. She said: As for your questions: the more sources you have, the more info you collect. I suggest more sources than 50-60 since your topic is very recent, and I am sure there will be at least 30-40 sources that are from news or press rooms… Articles and journals are clearly better than books (books are simply out-dated!) I read your summary: this is a good starting point! But we need to make the outline of the project so as that you could start drafting. The points that needs to be covered is the banking union – its stages (it has three) – where do we stand now and what the ECB / EU wants comparing to the national governments. (this should be the introduction) This might help a little bit: Then, when it is done, we can analyse or focus more specifically on the banking side. You might eventually focus on how the cooperation, based on the new SSM Regulation can effectively address the cooperation issues, i.e. critically discuss whether the regulation is good or not and how banks will react… just an idea.

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