Liberalism vs. Communitarianism

1) What is the difference between free and fair speech and what are two examples concerning consent (as we are defining how libertarians and egalitarians approach consent)? Why does Marx belief that Bourgeois property is immoral and how does he view private property? What are some the egalitarian perspectives regarding our individual and possibly governmental duty toward minority cultures?

2) Reading: “The Scope of Community” by H. Peter Steeves
What are the problems of the European Union and why doesn’t Steeves see the E.U. as a true community? What was the Garrit Hardin example and how does it reflect the anxiety of modern life in the U.S.? Why isn’t little league a good community? Why is community so important to have in society according to Steeves? If you are doing a summary, it’s a good idea to include info from each sub headed section from the essay to ensure you cover all the main topics.
How do you define community and how is it (or isn’t) important to you? How would you describe American communities? How does Chicago relate (or not) to the notion of community?
What are your thoughts on economics now that we’ve covered both capitalism and communism? What about Egalitarianism and Libertarianism?


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