Library Retrieval


To access e-resources and use a bibliographic database to find articles from an academic journal through the online library.(

Watch the tutorial on retrieving information from the online library. Using an appropriate database search for articles relating to ‘International History and International Relations’.

Produce a bibliography containing two articles chosen by you that are all available through the University of London’s online library.

Write a short paragraph of no more than 200 words to accompany your bibliography telling your colleagues why these particular articles are worth reading and what they will gain from using your bibliography.

Post the bibliography and its rationale in the e-tivity 2 Forum.


Return to the e-tivity 2 Forum and explore a bibliography recommended by one of your colleagues.

Post a reply under this entry giving your thoughts on the selection of articles that were recommended to you. How useful and interesting did you find this selection? Could you recommend an article to add to this bibliography? This will be a good opertunity to reflect on the thoughts expressed in the weekly reading.


E-Tivity submission dates are detailed in the Study Calendar.


You will be able to serarch the University’s databases, identify and access and evaluate appropriate academic journal articles, and present the rquired bibliographic information accurately.



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