Please answer the following questions, noting specific textual evidence to support your position.

Your answers should run at least 2 paragraphs. You may use your textbook to complete theanswers.


Toni Morrison, “Recitatif”

1. In what way does Toni Morrison tease out society’s tendency to place racial categories onindividuals? In what way does Morrison’s text strip itself of racial categories?

2. Why does “Recitatif” continually return to references of the orchard and to Maggie?What is significant in these continual references? What are we to make of the confusionTwyla experiences in her memories of these things?

3. If the story can be divided into 5 sections (5 encounters between Twyla and Roberta),what are these and what do they mean?Hemingway, “Hills Like White Elephants”

4. What, ultimately, does Jig decide to do? Support your position with textual evidence.

5. Briefly describe the setting and its significance.

6. Identify 2 key symbols in the story and what they mean.
Modernism and Poetry

7. Define modernism and apply this term to poetry written during the early to mid 20thcentury. Cite specific examples to support your position.


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