Load and Store plus Arrays in Assembly Language


1. Load and Store (like in the lecture….)
(a) Specify memory location (la $s0, 0xFFFF0010)
(b) Load immediate Integer-1 to reg. ($t1)
(c) Load immediate Integer-2 to reg. ($t2)
(d) Store Integer-1 to Memory
(e) Store Integer-2 to Memory
(f) Load Integer-1 from memory to Register ($t3)
(g) Load Integer-2 from memory to Register ($t4)
(h) Add: [Integer-1 + Integer-2] ($t5)
(i) Store Result of the addition again to memory
(j) Load the result of Add to a register ($t6)….(DONE)
2. Create, in the memory, the following 3-integer array:


Array(3) =  3 
(a) Add the 3 integers of the Array(3)
(b) Print its contents (the 3 integers) to the console
(c) Print to the console the result of the addition
3. Write your own smart (short) ARRAY Example.


1. Create a folder
2. Put all your programs or archive files in the folder
3. Compress the folder and name it FirstnameLastname-AssignmentNo.zip
(or .tar)
4. E.mail the assignment zip-file (Word and Assembly/Java files) to:
CSIT502@GMail.com. The e.mail subject line must have:
(a) Your last-first name
(b) Number of the assignment
5. Submit a Report – hard copy of the assignment at the beginning
of the class.
• Prepare a report taking in to account the following guidelines:
1. The programs should be simple and well– documented
2. The programs should be modularized
3. Detailed comments are necessary
4. Each program should include a description of what the program
5. Indicate if the program runs successfully according to


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