Losing Isaiah Media Review

A five-page paper which should include a summary of the ethical issue or issues. Personal opinion about how the issue should be resolved using ethical guidelines from the human service field. State if you agree or disagree with how the issue was handled. Make reference to a clip or clips in the movie pertaining to the ethical issue/ issues. All papers should be in APA format, double-spaced with one-inch margins and should include a title page. The Movie Losing Isaiah should point out at least one ethical issue relating to the hospital social worker named Margaret Lewin ( Jessica Lange). At least two or more relating to the lawyer Kadar Lewis ( Samuel L. Jackson ) as he represents Khailia Richards (Halle Berry). Address the six basic moral principles that form the highest ethical levels as professionals: autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, justice, fidelity and veracity and if any or all was violated. Identify if bracketing, value imposition, cultural conflicts, relationship boundaries, multiculturalism, cultural diversity, stereotypes, oppression, confidentiality or privacy violated, took place as a counselor, lawyer, social worker and etc. I disagreed with how the issues were handled. I felt Khaila Richards (Halle Berry) the biological mother did what the justice system and the professionals representing the system failed to do.



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