Management Coursework


a Resources Problem: “Do you have the resources necessary to do the job well?”
Ability has three components, and these should be explored in the order shown
in the model. This order reduces a subordinate’s defensive reactions. Poor performance may stem from a lack of resource support.

Resources include material and
personnel support as well as cooperation from interdependent work groups.
D “Raining Problem: “Is a lack of training interfering with your lob performance?”
Individuals may be asked to perform tasks that exceed their current skill or knowledge
level. Typically, this problem can be overcome through additional training or education.
u Aptitude Problem: “Do you feel this is the right job/blend of work assignments
for you?” This is the most difficult of the three ability problems to resolve because
it is the most basic. If the resupply {providing additional resources] and retraining
solutions have been explored without success, then more drastic measures may be
required. These include refitting the person’s current job requirements, reassigning
him or her to another position, or, finally, releasing him or her from the organization.
a Expectations Problem: “What are your performance expectations for this position? What do you think my expectations are?” This

problem results from poor
communication regarding job goals or job requirements. In some cases, the stated
goals may be different from the desired goals. In other words, the employee is working toward one goal while the supervisor desires

another. This often occurs when
subordinates are not sufficiently involved in the goal- or standard-setting process.
When this results in unrealistic, imposed expectations, motivation suffers.
a Incentives Problem: “Do you believe rewards are linked to your performance
in this position?” Either the individual does not believe that “performance makes
a difference” or insufficient performance feedback and reinforcement have been
given. The manager should also ask, “Do you feel rewards are being distributed 0 0 0.
equitably?” This provides an opportunity to discuss subordinates’ criteria for judging 3:
fairness. Often, unrealistic standards are used. 4
R: A Li Salience Problem: “Are the performance incentives attractive to you?” Salience f ”F“?
refers to the importance an individual attaches to available rewards.

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