Identify a company in the consumer goods sector, the company must be in Austria. The company’s products should be sold at supermarkets.. For example, craft…etc… ¡?Aim: A study of the marketing environment of Company X ¡? Write a background that includes key information about the industry indicating where the company fits and/or positions itself paying special attention to ‘sustainable practices-environment, society, resources use, etc.. ¡?Competitors, suppliers, customers.. ¡? Describe the product (s?) you are going to examine ¡? Describe the pricing, promotion and distribution strategies used by the company ¡? Compare the marketing mix to its competitors The competitors must be at least 2 or more.. You must use two kinds of graphs to show the high, low quality for example; or to show strength, weakness of the products. ¡? Make recommendations for improvement of marketing mix for product(s) to become more competitive- Include relevant sustainability aspect. Choose from 18 -20 references… Authoritative references… Marking criteria: Background and Introduction: 10% Selection of company and product: 10% Marketing Mix presentation and discussion: 40% (10 % for each ‘P’) Competitor & SWOT Analysis (20 %) Assessment of sustainability related strategies (15 %) Conclusion (5%)..

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