Select two successful global consumer brands from two different sectors [Food: Ferrero – Fashion: Versace] and:
a) analyse, compare and contrast their respective trajectories to success in their home country and also the major features of their successful internationalisation.

b) Evaluate their current and future appeal to currently served and possible future market segments.

Present your analysis in a MANAGEMENT REPORT, and use analytica approaches you feel relevant, with references to academic or empirical sources. Your work should include the following broad content elements: the proportion of each and the style of the presentation are for you to decide:

– perform an analysis of the brand in its home market, including identification of the KEY COMPONENTS OF brand equity, consumer cultural resonance, brand positioning and competitive strategy. Use any frameworks you feel useful and take note of the historical evolution of the brand in its home country and major foreign markets.

– note any major difference between the brand positioning in its home market and in a selection of foreign markets it also serves;

– Compare and contrast the key differences in the marketing environment of the two brands, including cultural, political, legal economic, and technological differences, and noting any notable differences in ideologic appeal (see Holt and Cameron, 2010);

– Based on your analysis of the two brands, outline a brand strategy for the future growth trajectory of each brand. You should offer outline brand positioning, and marketing strategy plans for each, explicitly considering environmental threats as well as opportunities. Focus on the home country but also offer suggestions for future growth in selected intenational markets;

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– The respective brand strategies should include a discussion on the key components of the brand and its structure that you would retain and keep standardised as against those that you would adapt or customise to suit sleected international markets;

– your recoomendations must be able to clearly establish how the marketing programmes will be able to support the core components of your brand structure, in the context of your overall brand strategy and architecture.

Please ansure any recommendations you provide are supported by rationale and justification. Key facts and opinions also need to be supported by evidence. Referencing is a requirementm and where material is being quoted from elsewhere, it must be aknowledged.

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