Marketing Assignment Plus Slide

Quality Marketing Assignment plus Power Point slide, I have attached guideline and work should be as per attach guideline
Assignment = 3000 words plus
Powerpoint Slipde = 5 slide strickly as per the assignment above.
Please read instruction before sending request
Marketing Assignment:
Topic should be from Australian Pharmaceuticals Industry:
Please make sure to choose one of the specific organization from Pharmaceuticals industry
which is
operating in Australia: ( Answers should not be gereric, it should be company specific and
with facts and figure:
1) Introduction –
2) Analysis of 5c (Company, customer, Collaboration, Competitors and context).
3) Marketing Strategy : Target Market, positioning Strategy; value propositioning
4) Marketing Mix: 7PS, please mention 7ps(explain small paragraph for product, price,
promotion, place but little more about people, process, physical environment mainly)
5) Conclusion
7)Harvard referencing is required:
Word limit : 3000 plus
we need the 5 sides of Everything starting from Introduction to the Conclusion:
Referencing is not required for PowerPoint slide.

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