Marketing Coursework


Question 1

Describe a company that you believe represents the 4Cs well, and provide examples of why you
believe they are successful at it.

Describe a company that you believe does not do well putting the 4Cs into practice, and provide
two (2) examples of why you believe they struggle with it.

What recommendations would you give the company who needs to update their approach?

The 4C’S are consumer, cost, convenience and communication

Question 2

The Tata Nano: The People 19 Car (A) and Mas-low “s Hierarchy of Needs. Please respond to the

From the case study, categorize the Nano’s marketing segments that have the greatest influence
on its sales. Assume you are the marketing manager at Tata responsible for consumer marketing.
In your own words, outline a plan that Tata could implement in order to make the process to
purchase the Nano more efficient for potential buyers.

Question 3

Watch the video Taking a Position that Works (3 38), and then respond to the questions that
follow. Think about products you were enticed to purchase using social media (e.g., Twitter,
Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc).

Tell us your favorite product that you purchased using social media and What positioning
statement the company used.

Make sure you include the information from the fill-in-the-blank positioning statement.

Also, state your Opinion on how well social media clearly portrayed the positioning statement.


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