Marketing Myopia

Marketing Myopia
The article “Marketing myopia,” has been the most widely read and quoted piece of work. As you read the article and prepare your summary critique, challenge/question the following arguments being made…

a) what exactly does Levitt mean by “Marketing myopia”? Does it strike certain industries only? To quote Levitt, “in truth there is no such thing as a growth industry.” CHALLENGE THIS ASSERTION.
b) Levitt builds his case of a myopic view taken by the railroad, movie theater and oil industries reviewing four conditions that are the centerpiece of his work. …. CRITIQUE AND REVIEW
c) Levitt argues that …”the historic fate of one growth industry after another has been its suicidal product provincialism” What does he mean?
d)Finally, do you feel that regulation and public policy prevented the industries from growing? EXPLAIN. Also, do you feel that today in the 21st century “Marketing myopia” is now a thing of the past. EXPLAIN…
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