Marzano Teacher Evaluation System in Palm Beach County, FL


a. Motivation for pursuing the evaluation.
b. Background/history/purpose of the program/policy including its components, actions
or activities, the goals or expected outcomes, and the causal chain connecting the actions
to the outcome.
c. Review of the literature with bearing on the program/policy (minimum 16 reviews).
d. Theory of change underlying the program/policy, including a visual representation
1. Design and construct a logic model that explains the theory of action for
the program/ policy.
2. Draw the diagram for the logic model.
3. Generate two or three evaluation questions based on the logic model.
e. Measures of outcomes and/or processes
f. Evaluation design (e.g., experiment, quasi-experiment)
g. Data source(s) and/or data collection method e.g., survey, observations, assessments.
h. Internal and external threats to validity and how you will mitigate them
i. Data analysis method(s)
j. Dissemination plan




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