Masculinity in crisis in the writings of Thomas Mann

100. Masculinity in crisis in the writings of Thomas Mann

Write about masculinity in crisis – focusing specifically on Thomas Mann’s novel “Death in Venice”. USE OUTSIDE SOURCES. Read the book, use outside sources to explore major themes presented in the book. ANSWER THE QUESTION: WHY IS MASCULINITY IN CRISIS PLEASE COMPARE TO HISTORICAL SOURCES AS WELL *IMPORTANT* Do not rely too much on quoting. Please write more on your thoughts of it, and what you think rather than what the writer thinks. Share your ideologies as well. Examine the history of perceptions of sexuality, mental life, illness and gender and look at how people represented gender differences and how those representations shaped their view on others and the world around them So write.. eg. the reason why thomas mann wrote about the character is because…. come to your own conclusion on it. Please use sources well – really get ideas from them and COMPARISON IS THE KEY OF IT to prove the point More information will be furnished via messaging


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