Measuresure of Organizational Performance

53. Measuresure of Organizational Performance

St Francis Hospital
Measures of Organizational Performance
When you are assigned a task, what do you do first? Do you think about evaluating and planning what to do or do you just jump right in and get to work? Many of us don’t have much time to plan, or at least we don’t think we do. Some find planning boring and prefer to just get started without a second thought. Strategic planning is preparing for the future. It is deliberate, purposeful, and thoughtful. Some individuals do not realize how vital planning is to their own success or to that of their organization.
In this Discussion, you will select a health care organization and examine its performance, analyzing how strategic planning and marketing may affect that organization.
To prepare for this Discussion:
· Review this week’s Learning Resources, especially Jennifer Wilkerson’s discussion from this course’s Interactive Media.
· Analyze the Hospital Competitor Performance document that provides further information (sample indicators of performance) in reference to Waldenville profiles and choose one of the health care organizations from this document as the focus of your work in this discussion. Refer back to and read the Waldenville profiles
Post by Day 4 a description of two measures of organizational performance you would recommend for the health care organization you selected. Then, analyze how these measures advance the interests of strategic planning and marketing for this organization. Make sure to use the Interactive Media to support your analysis.
Hospital Competitor Performance – Waldenville
In addition to what is described in the Waldenville “profiles,” there are four hospitals in Waldenville. These facilities are located in different areas of the community, and each has its array of services and distinct service area. The description of each of these hospitals and their performance in the most recent year is as follows:
St. Francis Hospital: This not-for-profit Catholic hospital owned by the Sisters of St. Francis has 226 licensed beds and provides a range of services but specializes in obstetrics (maternity) and women’s services, oncology (cancer) services, and cardiovascular services. It has the highest market share for obstetrics in the local service area (42%).
Doctors’ Hospital: This for-profit hospital has licensed beds and is owned by a leading national hospital company. It specializes in orthopedics, cardiovascular services, and neurology, but offers a range of general medical and surgical services. It is the market leader in orthopedics. Fifty-five percent of its patients are Medicare patients.
Twin Rivers Community Hospital: This small, non-profit hospital provides general acute care inpatient services. It has a small medical staff, and many physicians also practice at Lakefront and St. Francis. The majority of patients served are covered under commercial insurance. The facility is operating in a negative financial position.
Lakefront Regional Medical Center: This regional referral hospital has 320 beds and is the oldest non-profit facility in Waldenville. It offers a range of inpatient and outpatient services. It specializes in cardiovascular services, oncology series, and obstetrics (maternity) and women’s services. It has established a number of primary care clinics throughout Waldenville and the region. It is the market leader for inpatient admissions in the community.
The community is projected to increase its population by 15% to 270,000 by the year 2018. Most growth is projected to occur in the age 65+ cohort. In addition, developers have announced the building of three housing communities that will cater to the older adult population. Therefore, an in-migration of older adults is expected in addition to the projected population increase as indicated by the state population studies office.
Table 1—Summary Performance Data for Hospitals in Waldenville, Latest Year
St. Francis Doctors’ Twin Rivers Lakefront

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