Media Analysis Essay

The major essay will focus on critical reviews of some of the films presented during the course. Students are expected to have watched the films as they were presented or they will otherwise have to source them themselves. Questions: What might Far From Heaven have to say about identity breaking down? How many citations? We’ll give you the same irritating answer that we always do – “as many as it takes”. Judicious use of referencing sorts out a solid essay from a lesser one. Most of the better performing essays usually – out of necessity, rather than quota – have a dozen or more references from a variety of sources. This is not a number set in stone – because there is no precise number. Assessment Criteria : Three sets of criteria are assessed in essays: reading and research; argument and analysis; and writing and structure. Within each of these sets, markers are looking for the following: Reading and research: evidence of critical engagement with set course materials; evidence of independent reading of appropriate academic material; evidence of thorough research (books, journals, the Internet, media sources and archives). Argument and analysis: well-articulated and well-supported argument; evidence of critical thinking (through taking a position in relation to key ideas from the course, and supporting this position); evidence of relational thinking (through making connections between key ideas from the course and wider literature, and supporting these connections). Writing and structure: clear, logical and coherent structure; clarity of expression; adequate referencing.

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