Media Industries Exercise


You raise some great points about the hot and cool qualities of Twitter here, Jiayi, and you’ve referenced some productive passages from McLuhan. While I love that you’ve put in the effort to look into some outside sources, remember for these exercises that we’re mainly interested in how you as the analyst can apply the assigned readings to your selected examples, vs. what other people have to say about those readings and examples. If I understand you correctly, you wish to argue that Twitter feeds can be hot insofar as typed tweets use print and may be read passively, but insofar as Twitter use can involve retweeting, comments, and posting your own tweets, it becomes more participatory, while the ability to send photos and video as well as text content makes it a cooler medium? (I’m not quite following you on this last point – since M says that both print and photography are hot media, are you claiming the videos would be a form of television and count as cooler content, or it it the multimodal address you see as the key distinction here?) Your example of strong responses to the restroom photo is good evidence to support your claims about cooler content that solicits active involvement. Can you come up with some additional examples of other tweets that do this, or those that, by contrast, seem to be “hotter” and solicit little to no response? To kick this paper up to the next level, just need a little clarification of what you consider hot/cold for the first part of the question (building this into your opening thesis statement might be helpful), and need to beef up your content analysis for the second part. I look forward to reading your next paper soon!
Grade = B+ (Good grasp and productive application of assigned reading, but needs some additional clarification and supporting detail)
i hope you can work on the clarification and the details to help me get a better grade this time:) truly appreciated!

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