Media Release

You are the events communication manager of a community events and you are required to create a Media Release promoting a fictional OR a real community event. Part A – Media Release for Local Newspaper (200-300 words) The first part of the Media Release should be suitable for publishing in a local newspaper. Part B – Media Release on an Events What’s On” web page (500-550 words) The second part of the Media Release should be suitable for publishing on an Events “What’s On” web page. Part A and Part B of the Media Release should consider the different types of audience member reading the information and so should be worded and phrased accordingly. However, both sections should be concise, clearly structured, contain relevant background information on your event and contact details for further information. The Media Release should highlight the key messages that you want your target audience to understand, including the use of pertinent quotes from event organizers or key stakeholders. Thus, the Media Release should: • Provide something newsworthy to appeal to the reader in the first two sentences; • Highlight the key messages for the target audience (what, when, why and how); • Have an appropriate layout, structure and include correct grammar and spelling; • Include pertinent quotes (you are to develop these yourself, and not actually obtain quotes from organisations); • Contain information on cost (if applicable) and how to book; • Provide contact details; and, • Ensure writing style is appropriate for the target audience.

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