Medical Ethics/Legal course 1st paper assignment


Please use this link to access the libguide (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for this course which will give you access to the electronic texts in the SCF library.
Week One Readings
1. Read pages 51-84 of ANA’s Nursing: Scope and standards of practice (2015). While reviewing the Scope and Standards, evaluate whether the competencies listed for each standard are consistent with your reading of that standard. Do you feel competent in all the statements listed under each standard as a competency? Additionally, review the prior version of the Scope and standards of practice(2010) which is contained in Appendix A of this same book, pages 138-169.
2. Read Burkhardt and Nathaniel’s Chapter 8, Legal Issues in e-text.
3. Read the following Florida Statutes and Code (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.: Florida Statutes (F.S. 464, Nurse Practice Act and F.S. 456, Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions) and Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C. 64B9, Certified Nursing Assistants).
4. Read the online article, Examining nursing malpractice: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. A defense attorney’s perspective.
Reminder: SCF library contains the e-texts for this course. This includes the Burkhardt and Nathaniel text, the ANA Scope and Standards of Practice and the ANA Guide to the Code of Ethics with Interpretive Statements.
Week one Paper Rubric

Week One Paper: Write a paper incorporating your thoughts and answers to questions 1-5, including all sub parts, below and submit your paper. Please consult the rubric. Remember to use APA format.
1. Compare and contrast the current Scope and Standards (2015) with the 2010 version (the 2010 edition is found in the 2015 book in Appendix A). Highlight a minimum of three changes made from the 2010 Standards to the 2015 Standards and discuss your evaluation of the changes made – do you agree or disagree with them.
2. Comment on the competencies listed under Standard 11 of the 2015 version.
1. Did you know that participating in a professional organization was included in one of the standards of your profession?
2. Discuss at least three of the competencies that you were surprised to find in any of the standards.
3. Describe the legislative purpose and intent of F.S. 464 (Nurse Practice Act) and F.S. 456 (Health Professions and Occupations: General Provisions).
1. Discuss the differences between the Nurse Practice Act’s definition of the practice of practical nursing (LPN) stated in F.S. 464.003 (19) and the definition of the practice of professional nursing (RN) stated in F.S.464.003 (20).
2. After reviewing the list of authorized duties of the certified nursing assistant stated in F.A.C. 64B9-15.002, discuss your thoughts as to whether the list is too broad or not broad enough. Are the certified assistants being given too much or too little responsibility? Be specific.
4. After reading Chapter 8 in Burkhardt& Nathaniel, discuss:
1. What is the difference between negligence and malpractice?
2. What are the six components that must be proven in a malpractice claim? Describe each of these components in your own words; do not just list the elements.
5. After reading the malpractice article discuss how this article relates nursing malpractice to the nursing Standards of Practice.

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