Mega Citys Of Asia

89. Mega Citys Of Asia

Many large Asian cities have used the Western model of growth as they expand. This model has deep ties to capitalist society, including the notion that progress is measured by advances in luxury, convenience and economic activity. Yet for Asian societies that do not have the same cultural and socio-political background as New York or London, (for example, Chinese cities) there is a potential mismatch between the growth model of the cities and the people who inhabit them.
Discuss an important problem (of your choice: i.e., housing, poverty, pollution, population, transportation, health, etc.) that has erupted as a result of the mismatch in one of the Asian Megacities. You will have to use other sources to complete this assignment, so make sure you credit them in your references.
This assignment should include a table and a graph comparing a “subject” Asian megacity to one baseline megacity or smaller Asian City, and another Megacity (three cities total). You should compare changes over time and draw conclusions, in percent, on differences in outcomes.
Note: Optional readings – students may want to refer to chapters 1-6 in "Urban World/Global City" (Clark, 2003) and chapters 1-3 in the "East Asia Modern" (Rowe, 2005) for assistance in completing this assignment. However, students are encouraged to refer to other sources (i.e., web links, etc.) to complete this assignment.
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