Mental Health-Are Phobias and Panic Disorder best Conceptualized as Psychological or Biological Disorders?

Instructions: please follow it and try to do 1500 words. This essay component aims to assess the following module learning outcomes: • Articulate an awareness of a range of aetiological theories & empirical evidence accounting for the origins of mental illness • Articulate a coherent understanding of mental health difficulties which recognises the multifactorial nature of their aetiology • Utilise knowledge of evidence pertaining to relevant theory to articulate an evaluation of the status and viability of current mental health concepts • Articulate a critical awareness of the ways in which mental health difficulties have been conceptualised in the past and in the present; • Articulate a critical awareness of mental health classification systems and of the social, cultural and linguistic contexts in which such partitioning of mental life has arisen please include at least 5 relevant studies to the essay.

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