Method of Data Collection & Translation Instrument

Please read instruction carefully and should you have questions, please feel free to write me.
1.  Please write “Method of Data Collection and Strategy” topic.
1.1 The questionnaire is using paper based-questionnaires and researcher had contacted and distribute to 35 Hotels in two different locations (Central and South).
1.2 The contact person is Human Resource Manager and/or Training & Development Manager
1.3 Identify why using paper based- questionnaire stratey – such cost and time constraints and nature of hotel operational work does not fit for online-questionnaires such googledrive or survey monkey as they are not sitting in the office all times and do not access email.  However, the researcher also offer both online and paper-based questionnaire.  All respondents are willing to do with paper-based questionnaires.
1.4 From 35 hotels, the positive response 16 hotels:  The reasons of not participate is such corporate policy, due to the high occupancies which made employee busy for operational work, no response,etc.)
1.5 Total positive response for 16 hotels: 9 from Central and 6 hotels from South.  Total respondents from Central  for 375 and 341 from South.  Total Number 716.   1.6 After excluding questionnaires with missing data on some of the important variables and removing outliers, data from a sample of 705 was usable for analysis.
1.7 Data Collection Strategy – such the researcher has provided the gift for participates for appreciation after complete the surveys
1.8 Please ensure that you provide reference to support the statement ; this is important.
2.  Please write “Instrument Translation” topic.
2.1 Example is provided and majority of target is Chinese. However the questionnaire has provided in both Chinese and English.

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