Microsoft’s Strategic Alliance with Nokia Case Study


For the Assignment Case Study, you will be expected to apply the theories/models you have learned throughout the course lectures and tutorials. More specifically, you will be required to perform a Full Strategic Appraisal for the real world company of a given case, including the generation and evaluation of strategic options.

A set format for this report is provided in the Assignment Format section below. The word count for this report is 5,000 words and you would be expected to post your report on Moodle in keeping with the set deadline date. You may include appendices (not more than 5 pages please) at the end of your report to provide supporting data/evidence. Reference to these must be included in the body of the work. Please note that there are penalties for exceeding the word count. Evidence of additional well researched material, mechanical structure and soundness and how well the different sections are linked and integrated within the overall report can account for up to 10% of your mark. We, therefore, emphasise clear, concise writing with focused and solid content.

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