Midterm Exam Essay

Description: Essay format, 2 questions, each 2 pages at least, total of 4 pages at least. Please follow the Writing Rules and Paper Guidelines from the Introduction Module. Also, you can only submit one file for this assignment, the answers to both question need to be in that file. Answer 2 of the following 3 questions: Why did the United States undergo an imperialist impulse in the late 19th century, discuss why Americans felt the need to expand and where and how this expansion took place. What was the Progressive movement? Explain some Progressive policies and ideals while also discussing some of the leaders of the Progressive movement and their role in American society. Why did the stock market crash happen in 1929? Explain all of the causes in detail and also explain what finally ended the depression caused by the crash. Our textbook is Visions of America, Keene….if that helps for source

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