Modern British History


Paper II
Write a 5-6 page paper on one of the following topics.
1. What argument in John Stuart Mill’s the Subjection of Women resonates most strongly with you. Why? What weaknesses do you see in Mill’s argument? Is it possible to rebut Mill’s argument for complete equality between men and women?
2. Overall, was the Industrial Revolution beneficial to the English people in the first half of the 19th century? Support your argument by referring to documents like the Sadler Report and the articles from the Economic History Review by Jane Humphries and Robert Allen.
3. Analyze the key arguments of Caroline Norton’s The Separation of Mother and child (available on Blackboard) and their contribution to the progress of women’s equality in 19th-century Britain.
4. Analyze the political vision of William Ewart Gladstone as revealed in his Midlothian Speeches, comparing it with Disraeli’s Crystal Palace (The Maintenance of Empire) speech of 1872.
5. Assess the contribution of Queen Victoria to the history of Great Britain.

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