Module 02 Nursing


Scoring Rubric: Preceptor Authorization¬†Criteria PointsCONTENT ¬†1. Provide an Overview in two or three paragraphs indicating how the proposed preceptor has the educational and experiential qualifications to preceptor you for the RN Capstone Project. (Example: what is their current role, educational background that lends itself to support you in this Capstone Project, years of experience working in healthcare, relationship to you, how the preceptor will guide and support you in this Capstone Project) 32. Describe the healthcare organizational setting you would be using for integration of your RN Capstone Project 33. Describe in one paragraph how you envision the Preceptor’s role in assisting you with the RN Capstone Project 34. Discuss strategies you will use to communicate with your Preceptor during the RN Capstone Project 3FORMAT ¬†1. Includes a title page in APA format 12. Includes one page for the body of the paper 13. Paper is 1-2 pages double-spaced in proper APA format excluding the title page and reference page 14. Reference page is in proper APA format including punctuation, fewer than 2 spelling errors, paragraphs are not more than 4 or 5 sentences to develop one main idea 1Total 16

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