In order to complete this assignment, you will need to watch these three short videos uploaded here:
Analyze the following brief case study using theories of work motivation.
Fred Mertz is an undergraduate student at a technological university located in an urban setting in the Northeastern United States. Fred is a 20 year old junior majoring in computer science.
Fred chose computer science as a major because he believed that will lead to a job and a good career upon graduation. He has limited interest in the field itself and his courses are work to him which provide little or no psychological satisfaction. Fred’s main goal is to graduate and get a job and that can’t happen soon enough for him.
Fred is a B student with a B average in his major. Lately, he has had trouble keeping up with his courses and he finds it is difficult to concentrate on his school work. He also finds himself daydreaming in class and finding excuses not to work his projects.
Fred recently learned that career prospects for computer scientists are not as bright as he believed them to be. It turns out that demand for his skills and starting salaries are not as high as he had expected when he chose the major. As a result, his grades are slipping because his motivation to attend class and complete course requirements has diminished considerably.
Using the theories of work motivation that we have studied in this class:
1. Explain why Fred is demotivated. Be specific and detailed.
2. Propose a course of corrective action to increase Fred’s motivation. What you propose must be derived from the theories that we have studied, and it must include specific and detailed recommendations.

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