Movie Clash of the Gods – Odysseus


Movie Clash of the Gods – Odysseus: Curse of the Sea from the History Channel History International
One of the world’s most revered literary works, Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey has been admired by readers for centuries. The epic tells the colorful and meandering tale of Odysseus, a powerful Greek leader and Trojan War hero. Believed to have been composed around the 8th century B.C., The Odyssey traces the adventures of Odysseus and his men on a storied journey full of challenges on land and sea. Odysseus was originally called away from his home in Ithaca to help restore stability to Troy, with little awareness of the drama ahead of him. He and his men end up pushed and pulled to several islands where they were confronted by beasts, cannibals, and countless temptations that threatened to destroy them all.
Clash of the Gods: Odysseus: Curse of the Sea is a vibrant visual accompaniment to Homer’s epic work. Desperate to return home to his wife Penelope and their son, Odysseus thinks his way through endless challenges with the hopes of making it back to Ithaca as soon as possible. Though the quest takes years and the costs are severe, the hero’s perseverance eventually pays off. Along the way, readers and viewers can take away many lessons from the triumphs and defeats experienced by Odysseus and his men. With up-to-date commentary from historians and analysis of historical artifacts that reveal new insights into The Odyssey, this exciting documentary offers students an excellent companion to Homer’s lively epic.
Some of the vocabulary you should try to incorporate
intellect menagerie
mortal oasis
Questions to answer in essay:
Why was Odysseus originally called away from home? Why do you think he was willing to take on this challenge despite the risks involved?
At several points in the epic, Odysseus’ men let their guards down and pay a steep price. What is an example of this, and what are the lessons you could take away from this tale?
Why do you think The Odyssey is still considered one of the world’s nest works of literature? If you had to make a list of your top ten favorite poems and books, would “The Odyssey” be on the list?
Throughout The Odyssey, the hero and his men face many temp- tations. What is an example of one of these temptations, and how did it affect the men on their journey?
Based on the analysis in this program, where do historians think “Ithaca” might have been located? What are your thoughts about this reasoning?
What do you think were the three most important decisions made by Odysseus in the epic? How did these decisions help him survive?

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