Movie Review About the Film “Amistad”


write a movie review about the film “Amistad” and follow the direction given below and make sure to cite please….its highly recommended to watch the film and take the facts from the film and go from there.
1) Who directed the film? What do you know about him/her?
2) Who was the screenwriter(s) and what is the significance of this writer?
3) Who were the major actors?
4) What format is the film and how is it shot? (e.g., linear, flashback?)
5) Was the film nominated for or win any awards?
6) What is the genre of the film?
7) What is the film stock used? (e.g., color, black & white)
8) What is a synopsis of the plot?
9) Notable facts about the film?
10) What political and/or social issues are raised in the film? (be specific)
11) What cinematic features of the film did you notice? How did they enhance the film and/or director’s messages, if at all?
12) What, in your view, was/were the director’s primary message(s) in the film?

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