Multiculturalism or Color Blindness

Multiculturalism or Color Blindness

Before beginning this discussion,

complete the assugned reading and Resources

conduct some research usmg the

Capella Library or another reputable Q] wmm-mgGU-m’

Web site that advocates either Caggna Universig! Libfanz-

multiculturalism or color blindness.

For this discussion, you will be

divided into two groups. Group 1 will argue that color blindness is the best approach in the
context of the questions below. Group 2 will advance multiculturalism as a more useful solution
to issues of racism, again within the context of the questions below:

0 Is American society in danger of hardening or increasing the divisions among racial and ethnic

0 Is there too much emphasis on pluralism? Does this create subpopulations that will view others
with considerable hostility, or is hostility more likely with an emphasis on assimilation? Which
does America want?

0 if everyone is competing for the same limited resources, how is this tension best mitigated?


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